Concrete mixing station quality request of raw material of fly ash


Look similar of the fly ash cement concrete mixing station and therefore in use of hybrid and misuse.Due to the different combustion condition and composition and fineness of fly ash, moisture content, such as change, will affect the color of fly ash, especially the change of the carbon content of grouping can make the color of fly ash from ivory to a film, so for concrete apparent and tonal have requirements, choose the light color and homogeneous fly ash, which is to control the color of fly ash.

In the fly ash quality evaluation and production control of goods, the color of the fly ash in concrete mixing station is an important indicator, because color can reflect the number and fineness of carbon content, so the color also became one of the basic indicators of the quality control of fly ash.In order to quality evaluation and production control need not qualified index of fly ash color shall not be greater than 7.0.