Installation and debugging operation

1, under the condition of the contract or agreed by the parties, and time, the seller send technical personnel to the scene to guide the buyer's personnel to installation, commissioning and correct equipment.
2, the buyer should provide the installation of the following conditions:
1). The determination of construction site, according to the requirements of the technology provided by the seller completes the installation of equipment.
2.) to provide products to work in a normal operation of the power and ground wire.
3). With the required personnel, hoisting equipment, auxiliary machinery and tools.
4) provide the seller installation technical staff accommodation.
3, the buyer does not have the installation conditions and forced the seller's technical personnel to install, the seller shall be written description still insist on after installation, the buyer should be sign in the written description, the seller will not bear the resulting warranty responsibility.

Warranty and free services

1, equipment warranty for one year, provided by the seller warranty since accepted this calculation.After the equipment installation and debugging, unable to acceptance by the buyer's reason, warranty since 10 days from the date of notice of acceptance of the seller.
2, the warranty period, in addition to the force majeure and man-made factors, the damage caused by design, process and manufacturing equipment, the seller is responsible for sending people to give free repair.
3, the buyer must strictly in accordance with the provisions of the seller's random file to use and maintenance.Because of the buyer's improper operation or maintenance, repair, refueling cause equipment damage, such as the seller is not responsible for warranty.Send someone to repair the seller, all costs for buyer's account.
4, the seller for the buyer training operation and maintenance personnel free of charge, free of charge for the buyer to provide technical advisory services.
5, life-long service, the seller for the equipment more than warranty equipment, the seller will serve for free.
6 have after-sale service requirements, the buyer, the seller, after receiving notice arrived at the scene within two hours, and solve the problem.

The accessories supply

1, the seller to provide equipment repair parts to ensure that is the original factory, original, authentic accessories.My company in the country has plenty of spare parts warehouse, equipped with many experienced mechanical and electrical engineers.
2, purchased by the buyer, the seller provide damageable parts, spare parts, the seller does not provide free services.
3, equipment parts, such as plate, blade, belts, trachea, electromagnetic valve, filter, etc., not the seller equipment problems caused by damage, belongs to the normal wear and tear, the replacement fee will be for buyer's account.

The other rules

1, the seller perfect user case, long-term tracking equipment situation by the buyer, regular users pay, can save a lot of problems for the user.
2, for foreign construction or major project of the buyer, may establish special service content and professional service personnel, and satisfy the buyer's special requirements, specific costs shall be separately negotiated by both parties.
3, the buyer to the seller's after-sale service personnel because of the quality of service or unreasonable fees have opinions, can complain directly to the seller's service,
U my company has 32 offices throughout the country, multiple after-sales outlets and fittings library, can provide users with perfect service in a timely manner.With offices in luoyang, after-sales service is available in two hours to reach the site, and office equipped with all kinds of accessories, can timely maintenance, replacement, for the user to solve the user's worries.