Are you operating concrete batching plant in the right way?


1. When installing concrete batching plant, there should be have professional hoisting workers which must exceed two persons. All of the pipelines should be set suitably in order to avoid the accident. After a work shift, we must make reexamination and fastening for fasteners.
2. Stopping the machine is prohibited when the main concrete mixer is working. The worker should open the discharging door, and clean the mixing material in the concrete mixer drum clearly to avoid condensation.
3. The workers should check main switches, button, and light and limit switch frequently.
4. There shouldn’t have people in the discharging area when the concrete mixing plant is working.
5. The power should be cut off when the concrete batching plant is repairing, and someone guard it specially.
6. There should have the anti-thunder facilities when the concrete batching plant is higher than buildings or equipments.
7. Dynamic system and control equipment have very high requirements of the quality of power, the fluctuation of voltage is AC 380V±10%, so the transformer has enough capacity, otherwise it will damage the electric elements or shorten the life and it can’t ensure the system can run reliably.
8. Changing the method of work (manual or automatic) is prohibited when the system is running.
9. The worker should press the emergency stopping button, cut off the power, stop the concrete mixing plant and check when there is an accident during the running.